Anita  Krakowiecka
Psychotherapist  psychologist

What to expect

Psychotherapy might be for you if you:

  • Suffer from low mood, lack of motivation or depression.
  • Experience any crisis in your personal or professional life (bereavement, divorce, changing jobs).
  • Feel a sense of loss, lack of satisfaction with life.
  • Fear or feel anxiety in different situations.
  • Experience psychosomatic illnesses: eating disorders, hypertension, peptic ulcer, asthma, etc.
  • Have any difficult life experiences or you feel a need for relieve and understanding.
  • Feel difficulties in close relationships, or you can not build them.
  • Want to grow through developing your self-awareness.

Psychotherapy session in english – 200 pln/50 mins.

My approach

Important aspect of psychotherapy is a respect for a patient, their feelings and history.
Therefore relationship in psychotherapy is the most valuable healing factor.
Psychotherapy supports you in your route toward awareness. My role is to support you in this journey.
The change in psychotherapy is possible through finding what you really need in order to have a satisfying life.

Gestalt therapy assumes that every person has the potential to drive his behaviour and to meet their needs.
The source of suffering is often based on habits. The responsibility for your choices gives a sense of freedom.
Statements „I have to, I should not, I cannot, I am ashamed” block us from taking from the world what we need.
In psychotherapy patient is looking for ways to be able to say „I want, I need, I want…”.


Anita Krakowiecka

I am psychotherapist and psychologist. In my own practice I work individually with adults.
I worked in Mazowieckie Specjalistyczne Centrum Zdrowia in Pruszków and in Health Clinic in Legionowo.
I graduated and got certified in School of Trainers and Psychotherapists Gestalt Therapy Institute in Krakow.
In my work I follow the code of ethics
(European Assiociation for Gestalt Therapy).
I am under regular supervision.


To set up a meeting, please call.

 +48 608 100 456

ul. Kasprowicza 70/22

(Bielany, metro Wawrzyszew)